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Why Designing Emergent Futures?

The biosphere, financial markets, family structures, business models;  the world as we knew it is being challenged in one of the most important transition periods of human history. 

While the industrial revolution produced innumerable benefits to society, we are now confronted with a plethora of complex and interconnected problems such as the climate emergency, social inequality and the centralisation of wealth and power. Now is the moment for us to formulate new questions for technology and to redefine its role in society, to create promising and viable emergent futures for humanity to thrive, not just survive. 

Design is a powerful tool that is key to this transformation. Designing for emergent futures is not about looking for moonshots or massive solutions to solve all our problems at once. Instead, it calls for the design of small-scale, sustained interventions to approach large-scale challenges. It considers our present as an extension of our past and obliges designers to intervene today and design for the futures that are emerging from our current context.

A Meaningful Collaboration

In the context of emergent futures, designers are exploring and identifying areas of intervention. The purpose of this space is to connect such like-minded designers, thinkers and makers with each other and to resources, events and curated content that can inspire and provide opportunities.

This space is hosted by Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC in collaboration with the Master in Design for Emergent Futures, but it is co-managed by you, the community. You may use this space as your own, to share opportunities, host online meet-ups or events, or to discuss specific topics of interest.

We come from diverse backgrounds and are connected in a shared journey towards design for complexity, uncertainty and possibility. The futures we want tomorrow are enabled by the actions we take today.

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